We are  heartbroken by the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd, and stand with all the good citizens of Philadelphia for change.  If you  or anyone  you love was arrested for  peaceful assembly  do not be discouraged!!!


Fellheimer Criminal Law Group has helped many people whose rights and dignity were totally disregarded by an overly zealous police department, and  are well-versed with your First Amendment right to free speech  and assembly.


Let Fellheimer & Eichen Criminal Law Group Stand Up For You as you continue to demand positive and thoughtful change for this City and Nation.




Fellheimer & Eichen Criminal Law Group

Chair, Deborah Cooper Nixon


About the Firm

Founded in 2007 by Judith and Alan Fellheimer, the law firm Fellheimer & Eichen LLP provides sophisticated, large firm quality legal representation to business owners, high net-worth individuals, and small to mid-sized companies in the more personal setting of a boutique firm.

The firm represents clients in five major practice areas: Litigation & Dispute ResolutionFinance & BankingBusiness TransactionsFamily Law, and Criminal Law.

What sets the firm apart is a relentless commitment to client service and its ability to bring an original approach to common legal issues and disputes.

Focused & Experienced

Prior to establishing the firm, the Fellheimers spent nearly 20 years managing and owning banks and other financial institutions, including an NYSE-listed federally-chartered bank holding company. That real-world experience gives the firm and its lawyers a unique focus on its clients’ day-to-day business goals and aspirations. The matters we handle are not an academic exercise for us, but rather an opportunity to guide and contribute to our clients’ business and personal success.

Formative & Entrepreneurial

Based on a belief that non-legal experience is an asset to any lawyer, the firm has assembled a diverse roster of practitioners with a broad range of prior work experience on their resumes–from construction managers to business executives. The firm’s attorneys bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, owners and executives, and are accustomed to interacting primarily with the people who run our clients’ businesses—not just in-house counsel.

We are the ideal firm for the small to mid-sized company that wants an alternative to the large multi-tiered law firm where the senior attorney whose expertise you seek is not the person working on your matters.

Formidable & Effective

The firm typically charges lower hourly rates than many of its competitors because it believes creative, careful work—the fundamentals of good lawyering–takes more time but yields more effective results. We perform detailed, thorough research; carefully read discovery documents in the record; and produce well-drafted pleadings and contracts. Our unmatched service is the product of four factors:

  • Collaboration: Matters are typically handled by several lawyers and paralegals who each weigh in on strategy, approach and substantive issues. With multiple sets of eyes on the documents, every detail is considered.
  • Critical Thought: We foster an open atmosphere that encourages critical thinking about client matters—the junior lawyers and staff are free to comment on the work of their supervisors, and the mentors actively encourage their proteges to flag mistakes and make suggestions.
  • Original Approaches: We believe each matter deserves an original, fresh approach. We don’t just mindlessly mark-up an old pleading or contract, but instead encourage our lawyers to think about alternative methods to achieve our clients’ goals.
  • Simple is Better: Whether we are litigating a case or negotiating a transaction, we try to boil our arguments and issues down to a few important things. We believe we efficiently obtain better results by picking our battles.

To discuss an important business or personal legal matter with one of our attorneys, call 215-253-6630 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.

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