Deborah Cooper Nixon

P: 215-253-6644
F: 215-751-1744


Deborah Cooper Nixon spent nearly 25 years as an Assistant District Attorney in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office where she handled arraignments, bail proceedings, preliminary hearings, motion practice, investigations, plea agreements, and over 2,000 bench and jury trials on behalf of the Commonwealth. She joined the firm in 2016 and now maintains a criminal defense and civil litigation practice–primarily focused on Federal and state offenses and civil fraud–where she represents clients on a regular basis in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

Deborah will match your quest for justice with over two decades of criminal trial experience. Her high-profile legal battles as an Assistant District Attorney have earned her a winning reputation in court. Her outstanding advocacy, extensive knowledge of the law and procedure help favorably resolve cases prior to trial. She is a tireless advocate, dedicated to obtaining the best outcome on your behalf.

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