Civil Fraud

When civil fraud is committed, it typically means that someone has been misled and cheated. A victim of civil fraud has the right to sue the perpetrator in court to obtain remedies, including restitution and the victim’s attorneys’ fees and expenses. Civil fraud exists in a transaction if:

  • A material fact has been misrepresented.
  • The person who perpetrated the fraud did so knowingly.
  • The victim relied on the misrepresentation and was injured as a result.

If you have been the victim of civil fraud or are being accused of committing civil fraud, the lawyers at F&E can represent you. With extensive prior experience prosecuting criminal fraud, F&E’s criminal lawyers are the ideal advocates for you whether you are:

  • Seeking restitution from a person or business who chested you.
  • Defending yourself from false or unfair accusations that you defrauded someone in a business transaction.

We handle cases involving various types of civil fraud, including:

  • Securities fraud
  • Credit card fraud/Debit card fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Medical billing fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Wire fraud
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